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The Tokyo Mew Mew RP Community

The Tokyo Mew Mew Roleplay Community ~*
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We are the TMM roleplay community! Wanna join? Sure! Just follow these rules:

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-No Flaming other players, or flaming TMM. Flaming other characters if your RPing is okay, though.
-Absolutely NO chat speak. DaTs TaLkInG lYk DiSsSsS!!!!one!!1. I want this to be a very literate RP. However, if you are portraying Purin, you may overuse exclaimation marks here and there ^_^;.
-Have atleast some knowledge of Tokyo Mew Mew, not just the English dub called Mew Mew Power.
-You must be able to post atleast once every week or so. Don't post once and never come back. However, if you can't RP for some time, just notify me, so I don't kick you out for being inactive.
- NO fancharacters. Look, I love fancharacters and all, but I really don't want them to be in this RP and I don't want them to confuse everyone.

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What you need for a form to join:

-Email your applications to Me (_monteh_) @ sandy_cheeks600@hotmail.com
-Give me your LJ username (your main one, not the one made for this RP), and a way to contact you (Email is best. I don't have AIM or AOL.)
-Also email me a mock entry. I need to see how well you can portray the character, because I don't want anyone joining as Purin, for example, and now making her hyper.

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berry_ichigo - Ichigo Momomiya
Need RPer! - Minto Aizawa
Need RPer! - Retasu Midorikawa
Pending Membership - Purin Fon
zahkooroe - Zakuro Fujiwara
Need RPer! - Ryo Shiragane
Need RPer! - Keiichiro Akasaka
Need RPer! - Kisshu
Need RPer! - Pai
Need RPer! - Taruto

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