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Why hello
by Fujiwara Zakuro (zahkooroe)
at October 26th, 2005 (08:56 pm)

This Mew Feels: blah
This Mew Hears: Ayumi Hamasaki - Heaven

Hmm...I was eavesdropping happened to overhear some customers at the cafe today talking about this site. So, I looked into to, and decided to get an account. This will really help with keeping track of dates for modeling and such.

Today was...mediocre. Not one of the best, but I survived. Ichigo was off dreaming about "Aoyama-kun" again, she managed to break a few plates. Not as much as Retasu, but a few. I really wasn't paying attention to her.

Meh...nothing else really happened. And sorry for the VERY short, and insignificant entry. I have many plans tonight. Like a photoshoot I find it ironic that they want me to dress up as a wolf in it. They would probably get a kick if I went "Mew" on them

Ja, Minna.

~Zakuro *