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I hate chimera animals!!
by berry_ichigo (berry_ichigo)
at November 13th, 2005 (06:45 pm)

Well, I had an interesting weekend

*thinks: it was horrible*

Aoyama kun invited me to go to a movie and I was soo excited!

Aoyama kun, your smile is so radiant....*sigh*

I got a kawaii new pink dress and had my hair up and everything~nya! It was perfect!

So we get to the movie, and I go outside to take a break, when all of a sudden out of nowhere, Kisshu flys down and kisses me! On my date~nyaaaaa!!
Why can't he go away and leave me alone??

He feeds me some crap about, Haven't seen you in a while, kitty! Surprised to see me, honey?

Ugh,nya~ get a life!

I push him away and am about to run back inside, when he shows me the spirits of two poor people and fuses them with two...



I scream and I run back inside to warn Aoyama kun, and then I remember I can't- so I transform, but I'm trapped!

Then out of the blue I hear *Ribbon...Pudding Rings...Inferno!!*

Turns out Purin followed me to the movies.

Mew Purin zooms all over the place, making the chimera animal AND me both very dizzy.

"You can't catch me, na no da!"
"Ha ha, the first chimera animal I beat was a lizard, na no da!"
"Here I go, na no da!!"

I tried to use ribbon strawberry surprise, but I was so dizzy I collapsed, and I was almost crushed by one of the lizards when the Blue Knight rescued me!

He put me on top of the theater, where I was able to perform ribbon strawberry surprise and destroy the chimera animals.

However, the theater AND my date were both destroyed as well.

I transformed back to my normal form and looked for Aoyama kun, and I finally found him looking very confused. The Blue Knight disappeared- I really want to know who he is!!

I found Purin and I yelled at her for following me, and she got all teary-eyed and was all, " But Pudding only wanted to see Ichigo-onee-chan and Aoyama-onee-chan kiss!!"

I started blushing and my ears came out and Aoyama-kun started to come, so I pushed Purin away and hid behind a bush until they disappeared, after which I ran back to him and gave him a lame excuse for why I disappeared.

Oh well, Aoyama kun. I guess we'll have another date.

For the earth's future, we are at your service~nya!