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How stupid of me D:
by Fujiwara Zakuro (zahkooroe)
at November 13th, 2005 (09:12 am)

This Mew Feels: predatory
This Mew Hears: Aqua - Roses are Red

I...cannot believe how gullible I am. If you’re wondering why I’m angry right now, I’ll explain:

Yesterday, I went to a Kareoke night that I was invited to. The night itself was absolutely fine, I met up with a lot of old friends, ones that I had acted with and such. According to Maaya, an old friend who I used to go to school with, I’m a good singer. I still don’t believe her. I sound like a dying Kirema Anima when I listen to myself. Anyway, me and my friends actually had A LOT of fun, more fun then I’d ever have at the Café (No...offense Ichigo and Purin. Whoever’s reading this).

But OF COURSE, the perfect night got completely ruined. How? I will explain: As I went back on the stage to sing another song (I had an encore D:. I really don’t like how I sing.), I hear this huge, horrendous barking noise. Someone’s poodle turned into a Kirema Anima. When that happened, I just rolled my eyes, and ran behind a curtain to go into my Mew form. Sure enough, after some time, they show up. THEM. Kish, Pai, and Taruto, the aliens. THEY made up a fake invitation, and invited me here, and I guess Kish really thought I’d bring Ichigo with me, because as soon as he saw me alone, he exclaimed ‘Where’s my darling kitten, Ichigo-chan?!’.

I’m seriously getting annoyed by how every SINGLE time me and the other mews try to have fun, these Alien freaks come and ruin everything. So now Kish is ranting on about now he came all the way here to see Ichigo, while I sit here fuming up about the fact that Kish came and ruined this night just to see Ichigo. So what do I do? I just punch him. For...the second time ever. The bastard deserved it that time too. Though this time I hit him harder. And thus, Kish realized that if you ruin the one night that I don’t feel like I sound horrible, that you’ll potentially die. So he ran off.

...And I had to run away from my friends who might of seen me as a Mew.

Oh, well that’s it, I better go. Bye <3.


Posted by: berry_ichigo (berry_ichigo)
Posted at: November 14th, 2005 12:11 am (UTC)

nyaaaaaa....kisshu is so annoying, isn't he???

i wish he would just stay away!!

i'm sorry about your evening, zakuro-san!!

A similar thing happened to me last night- Aoyama-kun invited me to see a movie with him, and it turns out that it was a prank...


Posted by: Fujiwara Zakuro (zahkooroe)
Posted at: November 14th, 2005 12:36 am (UTC)

Kish is...something else. I don't think that he can get it through his thick skull that if a girl gets her gene's infused with that of an animal, the last thing she want to do is fall in love with an Alien.

But it's Kish were talking about. It's not that surprising.