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by Fujiwara Zakuro (zahkooroe)
at November 20th, 2005 (05:45 pm)

This Mew Feels: hungry
This Mew Hears: The Radio. I...think it's a Nami Tamaki song thats playing..

Okay. Now I'm angry with myself. I never stay commited to anything having to do with the internet. Mostly because I'm restricted from computer. They're "Bad for my health", as my agent would put it. Like the old bat knows anything about technology...

Anyway, I'm rather disgusted about the thing I find on the internet anyway. Today, I did an image search, and -- you all know about Pai, ne?

I found Adult Comics about me and Pai. I...have no idea where people get the idea that we could possibly like eachother. But what do jealous fans of my know?

I don't think anything else really has happened in the past week or so I haven't updated. I'm on a very mini vacation, because I have a sore throat and cold. And a headache T_T. Life is just awesome.

Ngg..I'm going to go take a nap now -o-; I feel like my head is going to implode..

I hate chimera animals!!
by berry_ichigo (berry_ichigo)
at November 13th, 2005 (06:45 pm)

Well, I had an interesting weekend

*thinks: it was horrible*

Aoyama kun invited me to go to a movie and I was soo excited!

Aoyama kun, your smile is so radiant....*sigh*

I got a kawaii new pink dress and had my hair up and everything~nya! It was perfect!

So we get to the movie, and I go outside to take a break, when all of a sudden out of nowhere, Kisshu flys down and kisses me! On my date~nyaaaaa!!
Why can't he go away and leave me alone??

He feeds me some crap about, Haven't seen you in a while, kitty! Surprised to see me, honey?

Ugh,nya~ get a life!

I push him away and am about to run back inside, when he shows me the spirits of two poor people and fuses them with two...



I scream and I run back inside to warn Aoyama kun, and then I remember I can't- so I transform, but I'm trapped!

Then out of the blue I hear *Ribbon...Pudding Rings...Inferno!!*

Turns out Purin followed me to the movies.

Mew Purin zooms all over the place, making the chimera animal AND me both very dizzy.

"You can't catch me, na no da!"
"Ha ha, the first chimera animal I beat was a lizard, na no da!"
"Here I go, na no da!!"

I tried to use ribbon strawberry surprise, but I was so dizzy I collapsed, and I was almost crushed by one of the lizards when the Blue Knight rescued me!

He put me on top of the theater, where I was able to perform ribbon strawberry surprise and destroy the chimera animals.

However, the theater AND my date were both destroyed as well.

I transformed back to my normal form and looked for Aoyama kun, and I finally found him looking very confused. The Blue Knight disappeared- I really want to know who he is!!

I found Purin and I yelled at her for following me, and she got all teary-eyed and was all, " But Pudding only wanted to see Ichigo-onee-chan and Aoyama-onee-chan kiss!!"

I started blushing and my ears came out and Aoyama-kun started to come, so I pushed Purin away and hid behind a bush until they disappeared, after which I ran back to him and gave him a lame excuse for why I disappeared.

Oh well, Aoyama kun. I guess we'll have another date.

For the earth's future, we are at your service~nya!

How stupid of me D:
by Fujiwara Zakuro (zahkooroe)
at November 13th, 2005 (09:12 am)

This Mew Feels: predatory
This Mew Hears: Aqua - Roses are Red

I...cannot believe how gullible I am. If you’re wondering why I’m angry right now, I’ll explain:

Yesterday, I went to a Kareoke night that I was invited to. The night itself was absolutely fine, I met up with a lot of old friends, ones that I had acted with and such. According to Maaya, an old friend who I used to go to school with, I’m a good singer. I still don’t believe her. I sound like a dying Kirema Anima when I listen to myself. Anyway, me and my friends actually had A LOT of fun, more fun then I’d ever have at the Café (No...offense Ichigo and Purin. Whoever’s reading this).

But OF COURSE, the perfect night got completely ruined. How? I will explain: As I went back on the stage to sing another song (I had an encore D:. I really don’t like how I sing.), I hear this huge, horrendous barking noise. Someone’s poodle turned into a Kirema Anima. When that happened, I just rolled my eyes, and ran behind a curtain to go into my Mew form. Sure enough, after some time, they show up. THEM. Kish, Pai, and Taruto, the aliens. THEY made up a fake invitation, and invited me here, and I guess Kish really thought I’d bring Ichigo with me, because as soon as he saw me alone, he exclaimed ‘Where’s my darling kitten, Ichigo-chan?!’.

I’m seriously getting annoyed by how every SINGLE time me and the other mews try to have fun, these Alien freaks come and ruin everything. So now Kish is ranting on about now he came all the way here to see Ichigo, while I sit here fuming up about the fact that Kish came and ruined this night just to see Ichigo. So what do I do? I just punch him. For...the second time ever. The bastard deserved it that time too. Though this time I hit him harder. And thus, Kish realized that if you ruin the one night that I don’t feel like I sound horrible, that you’ll potentially die. So he ran off.

...And I had to run away from my friends who might of seen me as a Mew.

Oh, well that’s it, I better go. Bye <3.

by Fujiwara Zakuro (zahkooroe)
at November 2nd, 2005 (06:46 pm)

This Mew Feels: tired
This Mew Hears: Me - Dou Byu Wa Dancing Night (I sound Horrible)

Sorry I haven't been posting daily! I've just been busy like crazy. With the Cafe, modeling, and I even got a role on a show. Mou, I need a break..

Today was...ugh. You don't even want me to start. I've grown a nasty habit of not giving every psychotic little freak girl who says "ARE YOU ZAKURO FUJIWARA?! OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU!!" when I give them my order. And it happens alot. So that's why I often get Mint or Lettuce to serve them. Why couldn't we work in a foreign country...? Like, China or something. NO ONE knows who I am there.

Hmm, what else to say about today. Well, Retasu was sick, Purin was visiting her grandparents in China, and Ichigo had a date. So guess what? It was just me and Minto. Sound exciting? It is when Mint's an obsessed fangirl. So it's exciting in a bad way. I swear that I COULD NOT go anywhere without having her follow me. Minto...has some issues.

It was also Halloween just a few days ago. Of course, I didn't go out and Trick-or-treat. Because of the photoshoot. The one where I had to dress up as a wolf. Yeah, that one. Oh god, I couldn't help but laugh when they told me that. I craved to just bark back "Do I need a costume? I'm already have the DNA of a wolf IN ME!". Yeah. I got stressed when I have a busy schedule.

Well, I'm off. Have to sleep -o-;

~nya! it's me!
by berry_ichigo (berry_ichigo)
at November 1st, 2005 (03:55 pm)

This Mew Feels: thoughtful
This Mew Hears: Emma Bunton- Take my Breath Away

Life goes on and it gets tougher and tougher!!

At least I have Aoyama-kun~nya! and this site to talk to. Well, mostly this site! I can't tell Aoyama-kun about my life, now can I? It's not like he'd really understand.

Zakuro was surprisingly nice this past weekend! We actually had a slumber party and everything! This was totally unusual, considering that she never talks to us most of the time anyway. I mean, we watched movies, and even had a pillow fight! Pudding started it, as usual. (Retasu accidentally broke some of Zakuro's trophies- I hid them under the bed..I hope she didn't notice).

Minto, as usual, didn't participate in any of the festivities. She was, however, VERY interested in seeing how Zakuro's personal life was.

But that was last weekend.

Yesterday was Halloween. We were lucky that Keiichiro and Ryou let us out early. I thought they'd NEVER let us leave! I was sick of serving pumpkin this, pumpkin that....aaargh!

Costumes were pretty easy to come by, I mean, all we had to do was go around door to door in our mew form. I loved how everyone said that we looked SO realistic, just like those girls on TV. ;)

We got so much candy! We had to restrain Pudding from eating all of it at once. We can only handle so much Pudding!

I almost fell on top of Minto when I saw Aoyama-kun~nya! volunteering at the nature preserve. Minto says I did, but I think she's just being mean.

Zakuro didn't come trick-or-treating with the rest of us. Something about some photoshoot.

I hope Aoyama-kun didn't see me!!

What if he did?

Oh no!!!

It's so hard to be me!


by Fujiwara Zakuro (zahkooroe)
at October 29th, 2005 (01:19 pm)

This Mew Feels: Lacking Sleep
This Mew Hears: Namie Amuro - Four Seasons

Forgive me for not posting the last few days. I didn't exactly get a chance to.

To be nicer then usual, I decided to throw a little slumber party at my house last night, just to show them my 'nicer side' and because my parents had went away on a trip with Momoka-chan. Do you realize how boring my home is when I'm the only one there?

I have to admit, besides some broken trophies and such, the night was good. We made alot, I mean ALOT, of bags of microwave popcorn, and watched my old anime DVDs, mainly Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon and Fushigi Yuugi. I'm a big fan of Watase Yuu's work, especially Fushigi Yuugi. It amazes me that I watched that as a little girl, and I still love it ♥.

Pudding started a pillow fight half-way through the movies, and we got carried away whacking eachother with our hand-made pillows. Even me. I'm lucky none of them broke open, or I probably wouldn't be allowed to do anymore photoshoots. After that night, though, I am extremely tired. I get atleast 10 hours of sleep, and I got what that night? 5?. Mou, I need sleep.

I'm afraid that that's it. Meh, I'm really tired. To bed I go..

Why hello
by Fujiwara Zakuro (zahkooroe)
at October 26th, 2005 (08:56 pm)

This Mew Feels: blah
This Mew Hears: Ayumi Hamasaki - Heaven

Hmm...I was eavesdropping happened to overhear some customers at the cafe today talking about this site. So, I looked into to, and decided to get an account. This will really help with keeping track of dates for modeling and such.

Today was...mediocre. Not one of the best, but I survived. Ichigo was off dreaming about "Aoyama-kun" again, she managed to break a few plates. Not as much as Retasu, but a few. I really wasn't paying attention to her.

Meh...nothing else really happened. And sorry for the VERY short, and insignificant entry. I have many plans tonight. Like a photoshoot I find it ironic that they want me to dress up as a wolf in it. They would probably get a kick if I went "Mew" on them

Ja, Minna.

~Zakuro *

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